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function nvol = gquadnd (fun,lowerlim,upperlim,nquad)
%usage:  nvol = gquadnd (fun,lowerlim,upperlim,nquad);
%     n     -- number of dimensions to integrate
%     nvol  -- value of the n-dimensional integral
%     fun   -- fun(x) (function to be integrated) in this case treat
%                  all the different values of x as different variables
%                  as opposed to different instances of the same variable
%     x     -- n length vector of coordinates
%     lowerlim-- n length vector of lower limits of integration
%     upperlim-- n length vector of upper limits of integration
%     nquad -- n length vector of number of gauss points 
%              in each integration


nvol = innerfun(fun,lowerlim,upperlim,nquad,n,level,x,'grule');


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